AAF Midlands welcomes DEI Speaker for March Lunch & Learn

March was Women’s History Month, so it was only appropriate that we hosted two wonderful women to discuss changes in the industry, both personally and professionally.

Nicole Christos kicked us off at the beginning of the month to talk about what you can focus on right now, to prepare yourself for your next job. While you may not be looking, it’s always good to be prepared – just in case.

Then we welcomed Kimfer Flanery-Rye from Seattle, Washington to talk about Diversity Equity and Inclusion and its impact on brand strategy. How is your workplace inclusive of others? Do you have procedures put in place that could use some revamping? It was a very eye opening experience and fostered a great conversation amongst our attendees.

One question an attendee had was “how can we move forward in a ‘slow moving’ world?” Sure, we all want to be as inclusive of others as we can, but where can we even start?

Kimfer provided a wealth of resources for all of us to reference and start implementing in our day-to-day lives.

We felt this was an important presentation and we wanted to share it with you. You can view the recording here.


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