Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter Launches New Web Site in Conjunction with Child Abuse Prevention Month

Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter was awarded as the 2012-2013 Public Service partner of the American Advertising Federation of the Midlands.  As part of their new awareness campaign, which kicks off April 2013 in conjunction with Child Abuse Prevention Month, a brand new web site was created for the shelter.  This web site is their most important tool for leveraging exposure and donations.  Since the general public cannot know of the exact location of the shelter, it is the virtual face of the shelter and its children.

Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter is a small brand with few resources and limited marketing options.  The organization is continually challenged to communicate to the general public about the work they are doing and their ongoing need for support.  They are dependent upon monetary donations, volunteers and in-kind donations.  Securing volunteers and donations helps offset the numerous operational expenses necessary to fund its core programs and services.  This support is critical for Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter to continue its mission to provide children who are victims of abuse and neglect a safe environment and a broad range of services.

All labor and hard costs for this campaign were provided pro-bono.  No out of pocket expenses were incurred by the shelter for the entire marketing campaign.

Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter provides a safe and nurturing environment for abused and neglected children, offering them a broad range of services that encourage and promote healing through positive and healthy lifestyle changes.

The shelter is open 24 hours each day of the year with medical and mental health care, crisis adjustment/transitional counseling, after school tutoring and recreational and social activities in addition to food, clothing and shelter.

To learn more about Palmetto Place, please visit their new web site  To request information on speakers, volunteer and donation needs, or to join our email/mailing list, please contact Erin Galloway at:

P.O. Box 3395, Columbia, SC 29230
T (803) 786-6819
F (803) 691-9788

The American Advertising Federation of the Midlands is currently recruiting non-profits to participate in our 2013-2014 Public Service initiative.  Interested applicants can apply online on our website.