AAF of the Midlands Recognized for Distinguished Levels of Club Achievement

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. Cesar Chavez

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. Theodore Isaac Rubin

It has been my honor, and immeasurable pleasure, to have served this year as President of the American Advertising Federation of the Midlands. It was a joy to engage with the members who attended our events throughout this year. Many have expressed their enjoyment of our activities and programs, which is always great to hear. I especially would like to thank those members who have suggested ideas for AAF of the Midlands activities, and we have discussed many of those ideas at our Board meetings.

Speaking of our Board meetings: I cannot fully express my thanks to our Board members who have generated so many great concepts and contributed so many hours this year dedicated to ensuring our AAF of the Midlands members received the most bang for their membership bucks. We have had a great crew, and I have had a blast with everyone on the Board. And I am far from the only person recognizing the value of their efforts: AAF of the Midlands has recently garnered an impressive number of Club Achievement Awards for the work shown over the year.

Each year, The American Advertising Federation’s Club Achievement competition recognizes its local affiliate advertising chapters for their outstanding accomplishments and dedication to providing events, programs, activities and benefits for their members, the industry and communities. Local individual AAF clubs across the nation can compete in eight different categories in their own respective divisions (Club Operations, Membership, Public Service, Diversity, Programs, Government Relations, Advertising Education and Communications), and this year we have been awarded:

  • 1st Place in Public Service
  • 2nd Place in Diversity
  • 2nd Place in Government Relations
  • 3rd Place in Programming.

AAF of the Midlands earned more Club Achievement awards than any of the other eleven clubs in the tristate District 3, which covers Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The recognition of excellence in these four aspects shows the Board of AAF of the Midlands excelled over the last year in identifying and ensuring outstanding levels of membership service and engagement, while also providing community enrichment.

And now it’s time to look toward our next year, and the new team dedicated to bringing more membership value and enjoyment. I am pleased to hand over the AAF of the Midlands car keys to incoming President Stephanie Owens. Stephanie has already shared a wealth of stellar ideas about plans for the next year, and I look forward to all of the outstanding club events she will oversee.

We encourage our AAF members to look over the list of outstanding local industry professionals who have agreed to give over the valuable gift of their time and serve as our 2017-2018 Board to strategize, craft and implement a new slate of stellar programs, events, activities and professional development opportunities beginning in August. Please review the list of prospective Board members here: http://aafmidlands.com/2017-2018-slate-of-officers/ before joining us at our luncheon on Wednesday, May 17 at Stone River to vote and witness the official swearing in of these officers.

That luncheon by the way, will feature Michael Rentiers with Push Digital, who worked on presidential primary campaigns last year and provided crisis communication plans for SeaWorld during the Blackfish controversy, and will provide insights on emergency communications strategies.

This has been a stellar year to serve as President, and I extend my greatest thanks to our members who enjoyed our events and made them so fun and rewarding, and to our Board for their vision in conceiving those events and making them happen.

Carry On and With Greatest Wishes for the Future,

Skot Garrick

President – AAF of the Midlands