Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein


Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are.  ~ Alan Alda

Of course awards matter.  ~ Frank Ocean


In an industry that’s always on the move, that keeps changing, that strives to maintain pace with constant shifts in technology and innovation and struggles to second guess the fickle attention spans of viewers and consumers, it’s welcoming to emerge from the current long enough to regard the best of ourselves and others in our field.

It’s comforting, and better yet, informative, to see the best work of the given year from our peers, our associates, our competitors and brash newcomers shouldering their way into market. It’s time to recognize, admire, acknowledge, and as Wittgenstein observed, learn from the best our industry has created during the preceding year.

It’s time for American Advertising Awards. It’s time for ADDY Palooza!

On Saturday, February 18 the American Advertising Federation of the Midlands will host the annual American Advertising Awards gala at Music Farm in Columbia. Our theme this year is ADDY Palooza, which means this party will jam LIVE! Live music by Dear Blanca, live spins by DJ Preach Jacobs, and for the first time in years,the awards presentation itself will be spontaneous and live!

This year saw a 16% increase in entries over last year, so there will be a lot of great work being recognized and honored. And in keeping with the LIVE and spontaneous spirit of the evening, you’ll get to raise your voice, cast your vote and pick from our top winners and judges favorites during the People’s Choice Awards.

The doors at Music Farm open at 6:30 pm on Saturday, February 18 for ADDY Palooza! We hope to see you there, and if the spirit moves you, rock out your best costume. Get your tickets right now, right HERE for the American Advertising Awards gala honoring and recognizing the best of 2016.

We’ll see you there.

Skot Garrick

President – AAF of the Midlands