AAF of the Midlands Announces WelVista as the ‘15-‘16 Public Service Recipient

COLUMBIA, S.C. –   The American Advertising Federation (AAF) of The Midlands has awarded local non-profit, Welvista as the club’s public service client for 2015-2016. The Midlands chapter selects one nonprofit organization in our community, from all applications received, each year and assists them with their marketing and advertising needs.

AAF of the Midlands selected Welvista to serve as the public service candidate for 2015-2016 to benefit from a partnership in further promoting their services and offerings.  Welvista works in conjunction with key healthcare industry partners in an effort to provide essential medications and pediatric dental services to individuals who are unlikely to get help because of their current environment.   Welvista stated a clear mission to provide hope and wellness for the uninsured, making it evident that we can partner to support this commitment through generating further awareness among the Midlands and those individuals in need.

Over the past 18 years, Welvista has evolved into an organization partnering with 15 pharmaceutical companies, who donate medications, and a physician network of over 4,000, making Welvista the largest mail-order pharmacy for the uninsured in the nation. By providing a single point of access to over 200 medications that treat chronic diseases, Welvista is an affordable solution to bridge a tremendous gap in healthcare accessibility. Welvista’s effort to make essential medications available has resulted in a decrease in emergency room use and inpatient hospitalizations among patients in South Carolina.

AAF of the Midlands will begin work with Welvista this summer.  As stated by Welvista CEO, Juanita Wright, “We are fully dedicated and excited to work with the AAF through this process.  We are confident that with the help of AAF, we will make strides toward no longer being a secret in the Midlands.”  Our collaboration will work towards revitalizing Welvista throughout South Carolina in an effort to further reach the ~400,000 uninsured individuals, working to improve the overall health of our state.

For more information on our Public Service initiatives or to download the Public Service application, visit aafmidlands.com.